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Worn tyres

In the most recent research road safety campaign which was held from 29 October to 06 November 2014 by the Organization REACTION it seems that there is a rise regarding the worn tires on passenger vehicles.

Of all the vehicles involved in the research 55% were passenger cars, 14.6% 4X4 vehicles, vans 19.2%, 9.2% were trucks and buses accounted for 2% of the sample. Furthermore, the research involved 78.9% males and 21.1% females. 32% of passenger vehicles moving in Nicosia and Larnaca have at least one worn tire, followed by Limassol by 23%. Besides 55% of vans in Larnaca have at least one worn tire, while one in two 4x4 vehicles have at least one worn tire. Regarding trucks a rate of 35% in the Nicosia district have at least one worn tire.

In addition, the 63.8% of passenger vehicles involved in tire tests in Nicosia had incorrect tire pressure at the same time in the same category in Larnaca percentage rises to 71.4%.

In the category of vans and trucks, the rate exceed 90%. Nine out of ten vehicles (vans-trucks) have a problem in the tire pressure.

In a nationwide scale rate of approximately 27.5% of all vehicles using the road network have at least one worn tire. At the same time 62.1% of all vehicles have the wrong pressure in their tires.

Of particular interest is the point in research on the outline of the profile of the driver and shows that 3 out of 10 women (32.2%) have worn tire on the vehicle, while the rate for men is 26.4%. Small is the difference in the graph on the wrong tire pressure. Since men participants sample, a proportion of the order of 62.4% is wrong pressure in the tire at the same time the proportion of women reaches 61%.

Upward trend seems to be presented in accordance with comparative data from recent years. Particularly regarding the worn tires on passenger vehicles see a rise close to 26% since October 2013. Positive is the fact of a significant reduction by 20% or more percentage points to worn tires on trucks.

Goodyear points out that the good performance of tires can be influenced by the wrong pressure. The low pressure increases the rolling resistance and so does the fuel consumption while reducing tire life due to wear. Even 0.2 bar below the required threshold may result in 1% more fuel consumption and reduce tire life by 10%. When the pressure is 0.6% below the required threshold, then the fuel consumption can be increased by 4% and the life of the tire to be reduced by 45%. Additionally, when the tires roll pressure below the recommended may adversely affect braking distances and in worst case can cause the tire to burst.

Also even if the tires roll with more pressure than that recommended by the manufacturer may create several problems.