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How to consume less gas?

Tips for efficient driving:

1)      Drive as far as possible constant speed, avoiding intense braking and acceleration.

2)      Change speed without n 'revs the engine, ie between 2000 and 2500, so as to keep the power as low as possible.

3)      Frequently check the pressure of your tires (tires in under-pressure causing overconsumption of fuel).

4)      When driving, you look as far as you can, so you envision - anticipate what happens, ensuring as far as possible unchanged pace.

5)      Use air conditioning sparingly, particularly in the city.

6)      Limit the use of electrical devices in the vehicle. absorb energy and therefore fuel.

7)      Close the windows when at high speeds. On the highway, a single open window entails considerable overconsumption.

8)      Switch off the engine when you estimate that will stand still, even for a few minutes (eg intense traffic jam in front of closed flush train crossing, etc.)

9)      Travelling without unnecessary weight. The weight on the longer increases the consumption and the pollution caused by the vehicle.

10)   Remember, when not needed, remove the grill and unused roof boxes, from the roof, because affect the aerodynamics of the car and increase consumption.

Source: http://www.elastikapachilas.gr/index.php/advices