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Goodyear GT - 3

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So your car needs a new set of tyres, but besides matters of safety and comfort you're worried about the harm they might cause the environment? Goodyear's unique, environmentally friendly GT3 tyre uses a cornstarch derivative to replace traditional oil-based components in the production process. Not only does the tyre require less energy to produce and does the cultivation of corn provide an environmentally conscious production process, but the tyre actually requires less energy to move the car. This saves you up to 5% in fuel consumption. And in addition to its revolutionary environmental performance, the GT3 lives up effortlessly to Goodyear's highest standards of safety and comfort.


Goodyear's 3D-BIS (3-Dimensional Block Interlocking System) technology increases the tyre's blade density while maintaining block stiffness. The circumferential grooves offer better performance in the wet, while shoulder-block tie-bars provide improved handling.



The materials your tyres are made of and what they mean for performance, safety and the environment.

BioTRED: Goodyear's innovative cornstarch-based compound

Be part of the revolution that will transform how we think of tyres. The GT3's BioTRED technology replaces some oil derivatives with an ingredient found in cornstarch. This means they are better for the environment - corn plants absorb carbon-dioxide and release Oxygen. GT3s use less energy and oil to produce and can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 5%.



  • Unique BioTRED compound technology
  • 3D-BIS technology in centre blocks
  • Circumferential grooves
  • Shoulder block tie-bars
  • Narrow radial grooves and optimised shift/4-pitch sequence