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Goodyear Wrangler HP

4x4 & SUV GoodYear

Wrangler HP

When you want your vehicle to go anywhere, in any weather, you need a tyre that won't let you down. Wrangler HP is the true all-weather, high performance 4x4 tyre, and its secret is our unique weather reactive technology. The tyre's all-weather tread compound guarantees effective traction in both summer and winter conditions, on or off road. So for peak performance all year round, the Wrangler HP enables your 4x4 to fulfil its true potential.


The Wrangler HP has deep and wide grooves that force water and slush out faster to resist aquaplaning, and that give you excellent off-road grip. The tyre's silent block design is especially designed to give you a more progressive road contact for a quieter, more comfortable drive.


The materials your tyres are made of and what they mean for performance, safety and the environment.


All-weather silica tread compound

The Wrangler HP's all-weather silica tread compound adapts to varying conditions for all year round with exceptional performance and increased mileage.



  • SmartTRED Weather Reactive Technology
  • All-weather compound for improved year-round performance
  • Deep and wide grooves for maximum grip in off-road conditions
  • Silent block design        
  • Selected as Original Equipment (factory fitment)




Size Width Height Rim LI/SI Special Details
215/70R16 215 70 16  100H
235/70R16 235 70 16  106H AW TL
235/60R18 235 60 18  103V FP
255/70R15C 255 70 15  112/110S M+S TL
235/65R17 235 65 17  104V AW FP
255/65R17 255 65 17  110T
255/55R19 255 55 19  111V AW XL LRO1 TL
245/65R17 245 65 17  107H ALL WEATHER