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Goodyear Cargo G26

Light Commercial GoodYear

Cargo G26
Especially developed for the new generation of light trucks and vans, the Cargo G26 sets new standards in its sector. The G26's dual radius tread contour provides optimal pressure distribution: an essential requirement for handling and even wear.

The G26's dual radius tread contour provides optimal pressure distribution, while its solid shoulder blocks stabilize the shoulder area for improved handling. The tire profile features three wide circumferential grooves that disperse the water rapidly, while diagonal and radial blades increase grip and reduce noise levels


The materials your tires are made of and what they mean for performance, safety and the environment.


Best in wet and snow silica compound

Our new rubber polymer offers the best kind of grip that ‘sticks' to the road for high performance in wet as well as in dry conditions. So even when roads are soaked in rain, Goodyear's cutting-edge silica compound keeps your tires firmly on the road.


  • Rib/block design for increased mileage and traction
  • 4-rib design for improved handling
  • Solid shoulder blocks
  • Three wide circumferential grooves for resistance in aquaplaning
  • Diagonal and radial blades for minimized noise levels        
  • Selected as Original Equipment (factory fitment)





    Size Width Height Rim LI/SI
    205/70R15C 205 70 15  106R