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Goodyear Cargo G91

Light Commercial GoodYear

Cargo G91
The Cargo G91 excels at carrying large loads safely. Based on the renowned Unisteel technology, the Cargo G91 has an all-steel carcass that increases the vehicle's high-load carrying capability. The tire's excellent all-round performance is enhanced by its wet traction, cool running and increased mileage benefits.

The Cargo G91 has a 4-rib design that spreads the vehicle's load evenly for improved handling and better mileage. Its deeper tread depth increases rubber volume, while radial blading provides additional grip for traction in the wet. The tire's shoulder notches disperse the build-up of heat for cool running and longer life.


The materials your tires are made of and what they mean for performance, safety and the environment.


Best in wet and snow silica compound

Our new rubber polymer offers the best kind of grip that ‘sticks' to the road for high performance in wet as well as in dry conditions. So even when roads are soaked in rain, Goodyear's cutting-edge silica compound keeps your tires firmly on the road.


  • Unitsteel ultra-tensile steel carcass
  • 4-rib design improved handling and mileage
  • Deeper tread depth for increased mileage
  • Radial blading for traction in the wet
  • Shoulder notches for cool running and longer life
  • Selected as Original Equipment (factory fitment)




    Size Width Height Rim LI/SI
    225/75R16C 225 75 16  121/120P