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Goodyear Cargo Marathon

Light Commercial GoodYear

Cargo Marathon
Goodyear maintains its long tradition of high-performance light truck tires with the arrival of new light truck platforms. The Cargo Marathon tire carries a number of innovative features that minimize noise and increase comfort and safety. The Cargo Marathon's higher safety level standards offer you the safest driving experience on your light truck or van.

The Cargo Marathon's 4-rib/plug pattern spreads the load evenly to provide improved traction and handling. The wide circumferential grooves disperse the water rapidly for additional aquaplaning resistance, and multifunctional blading increases grip on slippery roads for improved traction in the wet and in winter.


The materials your tires are made of and what they mean for performance, safety and the environment.


Best in wet and snow silica compound

Our new rubber polymer offers the best kind of grip that ‘sticks' to the road for high performance in wet as well as in dry conditions. So even when roads are soaked in rain, Goodyear's cutting-edge silica compound keeps your tires firmly on the road.


  • 4-rib/lug tread pattern for improved traction/handling
  • Wide circumferential grooves for aquaplaning resistance
  • Multifunctional blading for improved wet and winter traction
  • Optimum design pitching for low pattern noise
  • Half silica tread compound 
  • Selected as Original Equipment (factory fitment)




    Size Width Height Rim LI/SI
    205/65R16C 205 65 16  107/105T
    215/65R16C 215 65 16  106T/102H
    235/65R16C 235 65 16  115/113R
    215/65R15C 215 65 15  104/102T