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GYR Offroad ORD

Goodyear Offroad ORD tires are designed for off-road performance with excellent traction and increased tread resistance to stress. Find the dealer near you here.

Features of the ORD

  • ECD technology
  • Very deep nonskid tread
  • New off-road tread compound
  • Overlapping blocks
  • Massive block geometry
  • Deep, wide shoulder grooves       

Benefits of the ORD

  • Increased durability and retreadability. ECD marking appears on the sidewall.
  • Secure off-road traction and more kilometres
  • Exceptional resistance to tearing and cutting; more kilometres per tire
  • For balanced tire wear around the circumference
  • Improved resistance to cuts
  • Self-cleaning grooves minimise stone holding and increase traction   
Size Width Height Rim LI/SI
13R22.5 13 - 22.5  156G