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GYR Regional RHS II

Features of the RHS

  • New, energy-saving, wear-resistant compound
  • Regrooving indicators
  • 4-rib design and massive blocks
  • Optimised shoulder contour
  • Zig-Zag elements, S-layout and optimised pitch sequence
  • Stone penetration protectors
  • Computer-enhanced flexomatic deep-tread pattern        

Benefits of the RHS

  • More kilometres in Regional Haul conditions with fuel-saving potential
  • Help ensure that tires are regrooved to the optimum depth
  • Even load distribution across the tire/road contact area and substantially reduced shoulder wear
  • Regular wear
  • Reduced road noise. Even wear and enhanced appearance
  • Added protection against tread cuts, chipping and chunking
  • Better ground-pressure distribution for more kilometres per tire, improved traction, greater braking power and better control in wet conditions        

Size Width Height Rim LI/SI
225/75R17.5 225 75 17.5  129/127M
235/75R17.5 235 75 17.5  132M