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Farm & Industrial GoodYear

Optitrac DT812

•Wide tyre
•Deep tread
•Advanced self cleaning lug shape
•Longer wearing tread
•Identical load capacity at 40 and 50 kmph
•Fits on same rim as equivalent standard tyre size
•Available in small rim diameters

•Compatible with all tilling work
•Efficient field work
•Lower operating cost
•High productivity
•Cost efficient conversion from standard to wide DT812
•Easy to work with in fruit and vinyard applications
•Outstanding mobility in both wet and dry soil

Size Width Height Rim LI/SI LI/SS Special Details
380/70R24 380 70 24  125A8/B
420/70R28 420 70 28  139A8/B
480/70R34 480 70 34  143A8/B
480/70R38 480 70 38  145A8/B
520/70R38 520 70 38  150A8/B
580/70R38 580 70 38  155A8/B
480/70R28 480 70 28  140A8/B R1