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Goodyear Duragrip

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If you drive, you must be concerned with rising fuel prices, as well as the wear and tear on your tires.

Goodyear has developed a new tire to specifically meet the needs of today's city and family cars. Introducing DuraGrip, the tire that helps to reduce the amount of fuel that your car consumes.

The new DuraGrip tire incorporates low rolling resistance technology, as well as innovative technology used in the test-winning HydraGrip, UltraGrip 7+ and Excellence tires. Together they deliver excellent fuel economy, increase tyre durability and improve overall performance. For today's demanding urban landscapes, make sure your car's performance is even more efficient. With DuraGrip.




  • Equalizes pressure distribution in tyre footprint
  • Closed outside design stiffens the shoulder area - Open inside design evacuates water - Decoupling grooves with block interlocking system for increased rubber to road contact
  • Radial and circumferential grooves connection
  • Blocks working as a rib - Stiffer outside design

    Selected as Original Equipment (factory fitment)