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Fulda EcoControl

Car Fulda


The Fulda EcoControl summer tire uses an innovative silica tread compound that reduces the tire rolling resistance and lowers the fuel consumption. The term “Eco” underlines this amazing tire fuel saving property. The Fulda EcoControl summer tire delivers exceptional grip and ensures short braking distance on wet roads. Its asymmetric design maximizes the tire-to-road contact. The term “Control” underlines this excellent tire grip. Moreover, the Fulda EcoControl summer tire offers extra mileage thanks to its flatter contour and increased tread width. If you are searching for a fuel saving tire giving you more for less money, the new Fulda EcoControl summer tire is definitely the best choice for Smart Buyers. Key benefits: fuel saving summer tire, long tire mileage, excellent tire grip

EcoControl - the tyre, which helps you to save fuel - well rated in magazines

AutoBild 31/08
Tested size: 195/65R15 T

"... convincing potential for reducing fuel consumption...''

"... short braking distance on wet roads..."


ADAC Motorwelt 3/08


ADAC Motorwelt  3/08Tested size: 175/65R14 T

"... very good in all relevant safety disciplines"

"... very well balanced tyre..."


Stiftung Warentest 3/08



Stiftung Warentest 3/08Tested size: 175/65R14 T

"Different than other attractively priced tyres, the well balanced Fulda EcoControl ... It is "good" by wear and fuel consumption..."


ACE Lenkrad 4/08
ACE Lenkrad 4/08 


Tested size: 175/65R14 T

"... the attractively priced Fulda EcoControl ... deserves its mention "highly recommended""


The New EcoControl, with asymmetric design, was conceived with the safety and economic demands of car drivers in mind. This is reflected in the naming of the tyre. As "Eco" underlines economic advantages, "Control" refers to the excellent grip properties.


Short braking distance on wet roads

New silica wet grip compound
How does it work?
High energy dissipation at high frequencies enlarge tyre to road contact area
Short braking distance on wet roads


Flatter tyre contour and increased tread width
How does it work?
Reduction of pressure peaks
High mileage

Fuel saving

A newly developed silica tread compound
How does it work?
Low energy dissipation at low frequencies reduces rolling resistance without compromising wet grip performance
Fuel saving
Size Width Height Rim LI/SI Special Details
205/50R15 205 50 15  86V
185/60R14 185 60 14  82T TL
185/65R14 185 65 14  86T
175/55R15 175 55 15  77T
165/65R15 165 65 15  81T
195/65R15 195 65 15  95T XL TL
145/65R15 145 65 15  72T
165/70R14 165 70 14  81T
155/65R14 155 65 14  75T
195/65R15 195 65 15  91T
165/60R14 165 60 14  75T TL
175/65R14 175 65 14  86T XL