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Goodyear Cargo Vector

Light Commercial GoodYear

Cargo Vector

The Cargo Vector is the tire that gives light trucks and vans the true benefit of Goodyear's reputation as the leading producer of all-season tires. The Cargo Vector makes bad weather bearable, ensuring a safer journey, even through rain or slush. In winter, the Cargo Vector provides efficient traction in the snow, while still retaining all the characteristics of a high performer in the summer.


The Cargo Vector features a block design that maintains continuous surface grip for all-round traction, while its innovative center blocks increase the number of gripping edges in several directions, especially for winter performance. The inclined shoulder blocks provide consistent road contact for even wear across the whole tire. Finally, wide longitudinal grooves act as valuable aids in water or snow dispersal, providing resistance to aquaplaning and improved performance on wet snow.


Best in wet and snow silica compound

Our new rubber polymer offers the best kind of grip that ‘sticks' to the road for high performance in wet as well as in dry conditions. So even when roads are soaked in rain, Goodyear's cutting-edge silica compound keeps your tires firmly on the road.


  • Block design maintains continuous surface grips
  • Innovative center blocks for winter performance
  • Inclined shoulder blocks for even wear
  • High blade density for improved winter performance
  • Wide longitudinal grooves for aquaplaning resistance
  • Selected as Original Equipment (factory fitment)