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Goodyear Wrangler MT/R

4x4 & SUV GoodYear

Wrangler MT/R

An extreme off-road tire designed to go anywhere and meet any obstacle. With special block design for additional traction and grip, as well as patented Goodyear technology for sidewall penetration protection, the MT/R is ideal for extreme off-road driving.


MT/R Review on TireRack


The materials your tires are made of and what they mean for performance, safety and the environment.


Best in wet and snow silica compound

Our new rubber polymer offers the best kind of grip that ‘sticks' to the road for high performance in wet as well as in dry conditions. So even when roads are soaked in rain, Goodyear's cutting-edge silica compound keeps your tires firmly on the road.


  • Centerline blocks for off-road traction in the wet and the snow
  • Lateral blocks for better handling and forward traction
  • Strong lateral notches in centerline/shoulder
  • Aggressive shoulder blocks for off-road traction
  • Dual tread width/lower tread area for deep surface grip
  • Zigzag grooves for increased mud evacuation
  • Dura-wall sidewall technology for improved puncture resistance 


Size Width Height Rim LI/SI
30x9.50R15 30 9.50 15  104Q
235/70R16 235 70 16  106Q