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Goodyear Regional RHS II 17.5/19.5

Light Commercial GoodYear

Regional RHS II+ 17.5/19.5

A new generation of 17.5" and 19.5" steer tires – featuring KMax Technology – a combination of latest technology design and construction features. The tread pattern has been specifically designed for high mileage, excellent wet braking, even wear type and good handling. Latest technology tread compounds, carcass and belt materials and an optimized bead geometry assure good durability and retreadability of the new generation.

RHS II 17.5" and 19.5" tires are developed for a wide application range, covering today's multiple service types in regional and distribution operations.



KMax Technology

A specific combination of dedicated tire construction, pattern geometry and material features has been developed to maximize the mileage performance of Goodyear's new generation of regional haul tires. KMax Technology provides excellent mileage on today's broad regional haul operations, without compromising other tire characteristics.

Size Width Height Rim LI/SI
215/75R17.5 215 75 17.5  126M
235/75R17.5 235 75 17.5  132M
225/75R17.5 225 75 17.5  129/127M
245/70R17.5 245 70 17.5  136/134M
205/75R17.5 205 75 17.5  124/122M
265/70R19.5 265 70 19.5  140/138M
245/70R19.5 245 70 19.5  136/134M
305/70R19.5 305 70 19.5  148/145M
285/70R19.5 285 70 19.5  146L/144M