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Debica Passio 2

Car Debica

Passio 2

The new tire from the Debica plant is a successor to the Passio brand, the most popular summer tire in Poland

The Debica Passio 2 tire is characterized by a brand new design that will guarantee 20% higher durability against its predecessor*. It shows an improved performance in almost all characteristics, primarily in the field of safety, i.e. driving and braking on wet surfaces, and a higher immunity to aquaplaning. Consequently the Debica Passio 2 tire offers superior performance on all roads for compact, mid-size and small cars. The new Passio tire guarantees precise steering, comfort, and driving safety for the whole family. 



The modern solutions applied to the Passio 2 tire, such as the optimum position of blocks, and the tire outline, which are responsible for the pressure distribution and balanced tire footprint; guarantee a more stable performance and better mileage. The precise thread layout not only reduces the wear and tear of the tire, but also enhances the tire’s grip on the road, which means into shorter braking distance on wet surfaces

The new Debica Passio 2 tire has new corrugated blocks of thread that enhance the total edge length, which in turn enhances the grip on the road when braking on wet surfaces. The stiffened tire design – the carcass and blocks in the shoulder’s zone – improve the driver’s control over the vehicle in parallel to maintaining high driving comfort. The connecting elements in the central block join the blocks in the main ribs, and make the tread more rigid. Consequently, the thread surface is in constant touch with the road surface even during acute turning.

The longitudinal broad grooves in the Debica Passio 2 tire allow water be removed easily, thus making the tire more aquaplaning-proof, and the enhanced number of radial grooves improves the efficiency of water evacuation from the tire’s shoulder’s zone

Size Width Height Rim LI/SI
165/70R14 165 70 14  81T
175/65R14 175 65 14  82T
175/70R13 175 70 13  82T
185/60R14 185 60 14  82T
195/65R15 195 65 15  91T
175/65R15 175 65 15  84T
155/80R13 155 80 13  79T