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Goodyear EfficientGrip

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Goodyear EfficientGrip
1.9% lower fuel consumption*

Stretch the mileage out of each tank of fuel

Introducing the new EfficientGrip from Goodyear; the tire choice for reduced fuel consumption without reducing other performances. It has the great handling and braking qualities you'd expect from a Goodyear tire, while providing excellent mileage and reduced fuel consumption due to its outstanding rolling resistance. The new EfficientGrip with its FuelSaving Technology provides enhanced driving performance while also doing its bit for the environment - and at the same time, your wallet!

The Goodyear EfficientGrip has been independently tested by the German Testing and Certification Company TÜV SÜD Automotive which measured the advantages* of EfficientGrip over 4 leading competitors.




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TÜV SÜD Automotive Test results:

·                                 49 % better mileage (free or non driven axle)*

·                                 13 % better rolling resistance*

·                                 8 % better mileage (driven axle)*

·                                 2% shorter braking distance on wet and dry roads *

·                                 2% better wet handling *

·                                 1.9 % lower fuel consumption*



Reduce fuel consumption without reducing other performances

The EfficientGrip with FuelSaving Technology has been designed overall as an environmentally friendlier tire. A new tire shape and a new tire structure contribute to a lighter weight and reduce fuel consumption. The structure's innovative materials provide a further reduction of the rolling resistance and hence of fuel consumption. Additionally, the computer optimized tread design and the new generation of tread compound contribute to an excellent mileage.

The EfficientGrip provides not only environmental qualities, but also a high level of driving comfort. Due to the variable block angle and the redesigned block arrangement, the noise frequency peaks are audibly reduced. This reduces overall noise emissions and allows more comfort through quieter driving.

Having great environmental results, the EfficientGrip also gives the leading performance drivers need on wet dry roads. Above all, when it comes to wet braking or dry braking the tire beats the majority of tested competitor tires.

When choosing EfficientGrip with its new Fuel Saving Technology, drivers' new expectations are met with the important attributes of low fuel consumption and high mileage. EfficientGrip displays best in class rolling resistance, delivering fuel savings and hence money savings. In addition, it also performs well on wet and dry roads.




Goodyear EfficientGrip offers you:

·                                 Improved fuel efficiency

·                                 Reduced CO2 emission and environmental impact

·                                 High mileage

·                                 Superior wet braking performances

·                                 Resistance to aquaplaning

·                                 Improved dry handling performance

·                                 Quiet Ride




















Reduce fuel consumption without reducing other performances



The brand new EfficientGrip is the first Ultra High Performance tire that reduces fuel consumption without reducing other performances. It is therefore one of the environment's best friends. Using the latest developments in manufacturing techniques and advanced materials, Goodyear engineers have developed a FuelSaving Technology. Made with innovative materials and a new generation of tread compound, this exceptional summer tire has a new light-weight structure that helps reduce the amount of energy required to make it roll.


·   LightWeight Tyre Structure

Using new materials and an efficient structure, tire weight has been reduced by roughly 10%*. Less material in the tires and less heat generation for a reduced rolling resistance.

  * vs its predecessor (size:195\65R15 & 205/55R16) 

        ·   Patented CoolCushion Layer

A new thermo-plastic ingredient used as reinforcing agent replaces partially carbon black for a lighter weight and less heat generation leading to a further decrease of the tire’s rolling resistance. 


        ·   Advanced Compound Materials 

Through an optimum usage of reinforcement and linking agents, thermal stability of compounds has been improved and therefore rolling resistance reduced.




As about 20% of a car's fuel consumption can be accredited to the tires through the rolling resistance mechanism. A decrease in tires' rolling resistance therefore leads to a vehicle's reduced fuel consumption hence reduced CO2 emissions.



* Compared to the average performance of 4 leading competitors. Tested by TÜV SÜD Automotive in March 2009; Tyre Size: 205/55R16;Test Car: VW Golf; Report #76236753



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The EfficientGrip asymmetric profile features increased* tread pattern stiffness which provides high mileage, uniform wear together with maintained dry handling performance.


* In comparison to its predecessor



The EfficientGrip Silica tread compound features new polymers for an optimised tread surface providing excellent wet handling and wet braking performance.



Tread compound - mileage

Additionally the tread compound features increased "binding" between Silica and the latest generation polymer through a newly introduced curing agent. This contributes to a significant improvement  of the tire’s mileage potential.

Size Width Height Rim LI/SI Special Details
235/60R17 235 60 17  102V AO
255/45R18 255 45 18  99Y AO
235/55R18 235 55 18  104Y AO
195/45R16 195 45 16  84V XL FP