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Dunlop Sp Sport 01

Car Dunlop

SP Sport 01

Experience the future of tire technology with the SP Sport 01. This ultra-high performance tire offers a tread pattern which is divided into three segments.

Longitudinal-rail-system, hydro-paddles and parallelogram-block-design. The development target of the Sp Sport 01 was to create a tire that incorporates all the attributes of sport, safety and silence.

The asymmetric tread design makes it possible to define the tree different areas relating to these three main attributes. The tire is also manufactured using Run On Flat (ROF) technology whereby its patented sidewall construction minimizes flexing and the risk of detachment from the rim. When completely deflated, This ROF tire offers continued mobility within a distance of 80km at 80km/h maximum speed under normal driving conditions.




Test Awards


ADAC Motorwelt - Recommendable

ADAC Motorwelt  
Issue 03/2006     
185/60 R 14 H  
VW Polo 1.4 FSI


Auto Motor und Sport - Recommendable

Auto Motor und Sport  
Issue 05/2006     
225/45 R 17 W


Auto Bild - Recommendable

Auto Bild  
Issue 10/2004   
185/60 R 14 H 
VW Polo



Selected as Original Equipment (factory fitment)




Size Width Height Rim Max Speed LI/SI Special Details
235/50R18 235 50 18  97V * MFS
225/45R18 225 45 18  91W
255/45R18 255 45 18  99Y M0
275/45R18 275 45 18  103Y MFS MO
235/65R17 235 65 17  104W AO
245/45R17 245 45 17  95W M0 MF
225/50R17 225 50 17  98Y XL
205/60R16 205 60 16  92W AO
215/40R18 215 40 18  89W XL MFS
205/50R17 205 50 17  89H MFS
245/40R19 245 40 19  98Y