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Dunlop Grandtrek Touring A/S

4x4 & SUV Dunlop

Grandtrek Touring A/S
Stay in control whatever the weather.
Thanks to Touch Technology, The Grandtrek Touring A/S has been optimised to provide enhanced road feedback in both dry and wet conditions, including improved handling, traction and braking in the snow.

The special compound used in the creation of the Grandtrek Touring A/S means performance remains consistently high across a wide range of temperatures. Also, the division of the tread into three zones ensures the greatest possible balance in driving behaviour – giving you more control whatever the weather conditions. And for heavy duty SUV cornering, the Grandtrek Touring A/S includes a stiffer outside tread pattern – keeping you straight and true in the curves. 

All of this makes the Grandtrek Touring A/S the ideal tyre for upper middle class and luxury SUVs.

Key Benefits

Special compound for improved control in all weather conditions

Stiffer outside tread pattern for enhanced road feedback and grip

Asymmetrical construction for better handling and comfort

Asymmetrical tread design for a more balanced performance in different weather conditions


Size Width Height Rim LI/SI Special Details
225/65R17 225 65 17  106V XL MFS