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Dunlop SP 344 17.5/19.5

Light Commercial Dunlop

SP 344 17.5/19.5

The combination of state-of-the-art materials, special tread patterns and a durable skeleton result in excellent mileage and even wear distribution, combined with good handling and braking on wet roads.

The SP344 regional drive axle tires are specifically designed to meet the current requirements of distribution and regional transport. They offer impeccable handling and performance when braking on wet roads, combined with high mileage coverage.

• Possibility of high mileage coverage, redevelopment
• Reduced rolling resistance
• High resistance to damage
• Excellent wet grip (braking)

Size Width Height Rim LI/SI
235/75R17.5 235 75 17.5  132/130M
215/75R17.5 215 75 17.5  126/124M
285/70R19.5 285 70 19.5  146L 140M
305/70R19.5 305 70 19.5  148/145M
265/70R19.5 265 70 19.5  140/138M