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Sava Intensa SUV

4x4 & SUV Sava

Intensa SUV

Our new Sava intensa suv tire is a high performance summer tire especially developed for SUVs. With a combination of excellent dry and wet handling performance and attractive pricing, the Sava intensa suv is the tire of choice for SUV drivers. Moreover, the new Sava intensa suv offers high steering precision and cornering performance.

All in all, this is the perfect tire for cost-conscious drivers of SUVs that demand high performance.

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1 - Robust tire construction for SUV application:

·         Dual ply carcass with reinforced construction for load carrying capacity

·         Polyamide overlay for V and W high speed ratings

2 - Good dry handling :

·         Stiff outside shoulder block for safer cornering

·         Cavity shape for optimized pressure distribution during cornering

·         Large center rib for precise steering

3 - Remarkable wet performance:

·         Improved tread compound with an optimized silica level

·         Wide circumferential grooves to absorb and disperse water

4 - Low noise level:

·         Optimized 68-pitch sequence to control noise energy distribution

·         Narrow lateral shoulder grooves to optimize pattern noise level


Size Width Height Rim Max Speed Li LI/SI Special Details
235/65R17 235 65 17  108V XL
255/55R18 255 55 18  270 1030 109W
255/35R18 255 35 18  94Y XL