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Goodyear Regional RHT II lpt

Light Commercial GoodYear

Regional RHT II 17.5/19.5

The Goodyear Regional RHT II is Goodyear's new regional haul trailer tire generation, featuring: KMax Technology.

Its dedicated pattern for 17.5” and 19.5” has been developed to cover the various low platform trailer applications like car transportation in long and regional haul services.

Theses features may conduct to a mileage improvement of 9% vs its predecessor Marathon LHT lpt as demonstrated in a fleet test in 2010 and 2011 in Germany.

Its specific, robust tread pattern offers an excellent robustness and resistance to groove cracking.


  • 4-rib pattern
  • Strong shoulder rib
  • Specific groove shape
  • Innovative tread compound

          Key benefits

          • Uniform wear profile and improved mileage potential
          • Excellent wet braking
          • Excellent robustness
          • Groove crack resistance
          • Reduced stone holding
        Size Width Height Rim LI/SI LI2/SI2
        245/70R17.5 245 70 17.5  143J 146F