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Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV

4x4 & SUV GoodYear

EfficientGrip SUV

Based on FuelSaving Technology that has proven its effectiveness in the award winning1passenger tire EfficientGrip, Goodyear has developed the EfficientGrip SUV. This SUV tire combines the highly comfortable ride of an SUV vehicle with lower environmental impact.


Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and materials Goodyear engineers have combined high performance: shorter braking distance on dry and wet roads and improved steering precision and handling**, with lower fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and low noise*, all benefits that positively impact both your wallet and the environment.


Reducing the impact on the environment without compromising on performance, makes the EfficientGrip SUV the perfect choice for every SUV driver


1 FleetNews Awards 2010 Environmental Award: http://www.fleetnews.co.uk/ news/2010/3/18/fleet-news-awards-2010-environmental-award/36173/




Key benefits

  • Reduced fuel consumption & CO2 emissions
  • Shorter braking distance on wet and dry roads
  • Better mileage
  • Improved steering precision and handling
    • 10% better rolling resistance *
    • 6% shorter braking distance on wet roads **
    • 5% shorter braking distance on dry roads **


Independent tests and reviews

ÖAMTC Austria 2012



      Audi Q3           Range Rover Evoque








Featuring Goodyear’s FuelSaving Technology and  produced using the latest developments in manufacturing techniques and advanced materials, the EfficientGrip SUV is friendly to the environment. SUV drivers can enjoy the benefits of lower fuel consumption*, CO2 emissions and a quiet ride. Mileage is retained without  compromising performance, such as shorter braking distances on dry and wet roads and improved steering precision and handling**.


Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

  • FuelSaving Technology
  • Tread compound using "functionalized" polymer


Shorter braking distance on wet roads


Tread compound using traction resins

Shorter braking distance on dry roads

  • 3D blades at shoulders
  • Increased tread pattern circumferential stiffness

Improved steering precision & handling

  • Lower tire weight
  • Increase tread pattern lateral stiffness
  • New bead area shape

Better mileage

  • Computer optimized cavity shape and tread stiffness
  • Higher net to gross ratio (+4%vs predecessor)

Smooth and quite ride

  • Higher number of block pitch element
  • Optimized block design and sequence

TÜV SÜD Automotive

*Tested against its predecessor by TÜV SÜD Automotive in Sep-Oct 2011; Tire Size: 215/65R16 98H; Vehicle: VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI; Location: Mireval (FR) & Garching (GE); Report nr: 76247158.

**Compared to the average performance of 3 leading competitors. Braking distance on wet road from 80km/h to 20km/h, braking distance on dry road from 100 km/h to 0km/h, measured by TÜV SÜD Automotive in Sep-Oct 2011;
Tire size: 215/65R16 98H; Vehicle: VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI; Location: Mireval (FR) & Garching (GE); Report nr: 76247158

Size Width Height Rim LI/SI Special Details
225/55R18 225 55 18  98V FP
235/55R17 235 55 17  99V FP
255/60R18 255 60 18  112V XL
225/60R18 225 60 18  100H
225/65R17 225 65 17  102H HO
215/60R17 215 60 17  96H
225/55R19 225 55 19  99V
225/60R17 225 60 17  99H FP
235/60R16 235 60 16  100V
255/70R18 255 70 18  113H
235/55R18 235 55 18  100V SUV FP
275/55R20 275 55 20  117V XL
215/65R16 215 65 16  98H
215/55R18 215 55 18  99V XL