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Sava Orjak 4

Truck Sava

Sava Orjak 4

The cavity shape of the Orjak 4 has been optimized by Finite Element
Analysis (FEA) for an optimal footprint shape, providing uniform and enhanced tread wear.

Deep tread depth means good mileage and ensures that best traction is maintained throughout the whole life of the tire.  The Orjak 4’s multi-decoupled blocks give an even wear profile as well as good winter and wet traction. Its semi-open shoulder design gives further winter benefits with good snow and mud traction as well as wet skid resistance and the tread is self-cleaning.

The tread compound technology used on this tire is focused on mileage performance and cut resistance.

The Orjak 4 is better in key performance areas than its predecessor, the Orjak O3.
Overall a fuel-saving improvement in rolling resistance of 6% has been
achieved without affecting the mileage potential, and noise is reduced
as well. The reduced weight of the new tires gives further benefits in
terms of increased payload.

The new Sava Avant 4 and Orjak 4 mean more profit for cost conscious truck operators

Size Width Height Rim LI/SI
295/80R22.5 295 80 22.5  152L/148M
315/80R22.5 315 80 22.5  156L/154M