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Goodyear Urban MCS

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The Metro MCS tire for urban transport features a new abrasion resistant compound and new tread pattern designed specifically for urban transport. The result is more kilometres per tire.

- Hard-wearing tread compound
- Deep nonskid profile
- 5 Continuous ribs
- Multiple radius tread
- Regrooving depth indicators
- Zig-zag & radial blades
- Reinforced sidewall & wear indicators
- Wide shoulder rib
- Stone penetration protectors

- Excellent resistance to ?stop & go? Increased kilometres
- More kilometres per tire and improved control in the wet
- Even wear
- Optimised pressure distribution over the tire/road contact area for improved handling & wear resistance
- Help ensure that tires are regrooved to the correct depth
- Good traction & braking
- Excellent resistance to kerb scuffing; immediate visual indication of sidewall wear
- Even wear, increased stability & handling
- Increased protection against cutting, chipping & chunking

Size Width Height Rim LI/SI LI2/SI2
305/70R22.5 305 70 22.5  152J 154E