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Fulda Conveo Star

Light Commercial Fulda

Conveo Star

Fulda Conveo Star is a summer tire classified as a middle-class (medium). Fulda brand is part of the famous Goodyear, one of the leaders in the industry. Fulda Conveo Star offers a high level of security, especially in the wet. Effectively protects against aquaplaning phenomenon and ensures proper adhesion. It also offers precise handling, high performance and resistance to mechanical damage.

Fulda Conveo Star is a modern tire for light commercial vehicles segment, which is characterized by a balanced performance on all surfaces. It is equipped with a solid five-tread construction. High grip and traction control on wet surfaces is achieved by using four deep circumferential grooves. Water from the center of the tread is efficiently channeled to the sides, which makes Fulda Conveo Star has regular contact with the ground. The sculpture also provides protection against aquaplaning phenomenon. Surface of the tread blocks and blocks covered with tiny grooves that improve performance in wet weather. Fulda Conveo Star has a steel structure, which increases the strength of the tire. Prevents deformation that arise as a result of heavy loads.

Carcass has a high resistance, which contributes to the stabilization of track driving.

Engineers also took care of the even distribution of pressure. For this purpose, the wide tread, which consists of a strong central blocks are durable and shoulder blocks on the tire. Optimum power transmission ensures even tread wear, resulting in long distances. In addition, the blend, which has made the tire durability and flexibility.Fulda Conveo Star, thanks to the numerous grooves distribute the heat very well, which is formed during rolling.

Fulda Conveo Star is a tire designed for the summer season. It was created for commercial vehicles, light trucks and minibuses. It is durable and safe. It allows you to drive with maximum loading. This ensures high mileage and maintain their properties throughout the life, so it is also cost-effective solution.