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  1. New generation drive axle tire. Thanks to the standard computer-controlled tread profile for improved tire pressure distribution, the KMAX S offers uniform wear, high mileage, durability, good wet-ground braking and excellent handling that make it the perfect choice for fleets of vehicles.

    The new range of KMAX S Drive more all the time without compromising on other performance

    • High mileage and uniform wear
    • Enhanced durability
    • Good handling, steering wheel response
    • Impeccable braking on wet roads
  2. gyr

Size Width Height Rim Max Speed LI/SI Special Details
295/80R22.5 295 80 22.5  154/149M HL
315/80R22.5 315 80 22.5  156L/154M
385/65R22.5 385 65 22.5  160K158L