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Up to 35% more mileage compared to its predecessor*. The KMAX D offers high mileage potential, high traction performance and low noise emission thanks to:

  • Optimized tire pressure distribution
  • The right number of pitches
  • The non-skid optimized block geometry and a higher wearable rubber volume compared to its predecessors
  • The KMAX D also meets established winter requirements carrying both the M+S and the 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol.


  1. 1. High Net-to-Gross ratio

    Improved rolling resistance and higher mileage

  2. 2. Extra wide tread width

    Better rolling resistance and mileage

  3. 3. Increased Non-skid depth

    Improved mileage

  4. 4. Directional V-shape tread design

    Better traction and noise

  5. 5. Flexomatic blades

    Improved mileage, traction and handling

    * Comparative tests made by Goodyear Innovation Centre Luxembourg on size 315/80R22.5 between July 2011 and June 2013 show that new Goodyear KMAX S and KMAX D steer and drive tires offer an improvement in mileage potential of up to 30% and 35% respectively vs. Goodyear RHS II and RHD II+ tires.







Size Width Height Rim Max Speed
295/80R22.5 295 80 22.5  152/148M