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Truck GoodYear

GYR Regional RHD II

The 17.5 "and 19.5" new generation new generation tires incorporate KMax technology - a combination of sophisticated design technology and manufacturing features. The wide tread pattern, with a high-precision center-to-boss, 3D BIS slot, ensures high mileage coverage, good adhesion performance in all seasons, and even wear. Sophisticated treadmills of the latest technology, flawless skeleton and liner materials ensure high durability and redevelopment for these drive axle tires.

• Excellent mileage,

• Good handling and even wear

• Possibilities for all seasons

• Improved adhesion and braking on wet surfaces

• and winter conditions

• Reduced retention of stones


  1.  Latest tread compound technologyRegional RHD II

    High mileage performance, good wet grip

  2.  Wide tread pattern

    Promotes high mileage, good handling and even wear

  3.  High-density centre blading

    Improves wet braking, mileage and all-season performance

  4. 3D blade technology

    Improved traction and braking on wet and wintery roads

  5.  Specific groove geometry

    Reduces stone holding for improved durability

  6.  Robust carcass construction

    Enhanced durability and damage resistance


KMax Technology

KMax Technology

KMax Technology drives the latest generation of Goodyear regional haul tyres. Specific tread patterns and compounds combine with weight efficient carcass construction to deliver longer life without compromising on fuel efficiency. Advanced materials technology enhances wet-weather and all-season performance.

Size Width Height Rim LI/SI
285/70R19.5 285 70 19.5 
235/75R17.5 235 75 17.5  132/130M