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Radar Dimax R8

The Dimax R8 is an ultra high performance tire within the Radar Tires Dimax family. This range has been specifically designed for medium to high performance vehicles and offers the ideal blend of excellent wet and dry grip, precise handling and comfort. This line is available in a wide variety of fitments including key run-flat sizes in this segment.

•Asymmetric tread design with advanced silica formulated tread compound technology
•Four wide longitudinal grooves
•Optimized tread pitch sequence

•Precise handling at high speeds
•Safety on wet and dry conditions
•Quiet and comfortable ride

Size Width Height Rim LI/SI
225/50R17 225 50 17  98Y XL
215/45R17 215 45 17  91Y XL
235/35R19 235 35 19  91Y XL
225/45R17 225 45 17  94Y XL
235/45R17 235 45 17  97Y XL
245/40R17 245 40 17  95Y XL
245/45R17 245 45 17  99Y XL
205/40R17 205 40 17  84Y XL
245/40R19 245 40 19  98Y XL
235/40R18 235 40 18  95Y XL
215/50R17 215 50 17  95Y XL