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4x4 & SUV

49 Tires found for category 4x4 & SUV

Sport Maxx RT 2

A champion in grip and steering precision

  • Enhanced cornering grip on wet and dry roads
  • Increased road feedback and steering precision
  • Shorter braking distance, especially at high speeds<

4x4 Road

Safety and comfort for yourself and your family

Intensa SUV

Enjoy the power of the Sava Intensa SUV

Presto SUV



Austone SP-306

Suitable for Premium abd Luxury SUV and 4x4. Unique Central Rib and Wide Groove Design ensure safe driving with superior handling, cornering traction and water drainage.


Austone SP-301

Suitable for mid-level SUV and 4x4 on highway terrain. Excellent footprint decreases unit area pressure and extends service life.


Austone SP-303

Suitable for premium and luxury SUV/4*4 on highway terrain.

Wide central rib ensure precise handling, especially excellent cornering performance.

Asymetric dynamic block, closed and gradually decreased lateral grooves, make perfect mute


Austone SP-701

Suitable for various premium saloon and sports cars on good road conditions. Four wide and longitudinal grooves provide low noise and strong wet grip.

The unique pattern groove with chamfered edge can minimise the uneven tread wear and provide<


Austone SP-302

Suitable for mid-level and premium SUV/4*4 on all terrain.

  • Non continuous tread pattern, provides excellent off road traction.
  • Right shoulder transition,wider running surface,provides better performance in driving,grip and brak
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