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Austone SP6

Suitable for various premium saloon cars :

-The innovative central rib design provides excellent steering and grip

ability on wet road surface.

-Wider pattern block design on shoulder extremely improved uniform

tire wear


Austone SP7

Suitable for various premium saloon and sports cars:

-Unique U-shaped unidirectional pattern design provides uniform pressure

distribution, excellent cornering grip ability and uneven tire wear resistance.

-Adopting an extra-wid


Austone SP701

Suitable for various premium saloon aand sport cars on good road condition.Four wide lonitudinal grooves provides sound drainage, handling and wet grip.The unique pattern groove with chamfered edge can avoid the uneven tread wear and provide excellent&


Austone ASR71

Suitable for mini buses and pick-ups.

  • 3 longitudinal grooves excellent linear friving ability and skid resistance 
  • Variable pitch groove design reduces tire noice during driving
  • Computer-optimized design combinin

Austone AT27

Suitable for all wheel positions of middle/long distance trucks on better road conditions.Not suitable for use poor road conditions.

  • 3 zigzag grooves provide excellent steerring ability and prevent hydroplaning.
  • The road on a s

Austone SP01

  • Computer optimized pattern pitch provides you with quiet driving experience.
  • Lateral SIPE design provides tire with excellent grip performance.
  • Rib design between the circumferential pattern blocks reduces the pattern creep w