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4x4 & SUV GoodYear



Why choose this tyre

Easy braking on wet roads The Goodyear Excellence tyre is made with a new polymer compound that helps it grip the road, even in the wettest of conditions. This feature delivers a shorter braking distance, so you can enjoy peace of mind when driving in the rain.
Even wear and smooth handling Excellence tyres are designed to distribute pressure evenly across their surface, which means more even wear in the long term and smoother handling, even at higher speeds on the motorway. Additional shoulder stabilisers also help improve performance while taking corners, so you can feel confident on every journey.
Quiet, comfortable driving Enjoy a quiet, comfortable trip every time with a tread designed to reduce excess noise. 

Enjoy excellent handling, precision handling and comfortable driving with this three-in-one tire.
Are you looking for a three-in-one tire that delivers excellent handling and handling and ensures you comfortable driving on a daily basis? Discover Goodyear Excellence today.

• Improved grip on wet roads
• Even wear and smooth handling
• Silent, comfortable driving

Size Width Height Rim LI/SI Special Details
235/55R19 235 55 19  101W AO FP
235/60R18 235 60 18  103W AO FP
275/40R20 275 40 20  106Y XL FP