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Radar Renegade AT5

The Renegade A/T5 is an all-season, all-terrain tire within the Radar Tires Renegade family. The pinRenegade AT5nacle of the all-terrain offerings from Radar Tires, this range has been designed for SUVs and light trucks. 


Radar Dimax R8

The Dimax R8 is an ultra high performance tire within the Radar Tires Dimax family. This range has been specifically designed for medium to high performance vehicles and offers an ideal blend of excellent wet and dry grip, precise handling and comfort.


Radar Rivera Pro 2

The Rivera Pro 2 is a touring tire that has been designed for compact and mid-size cars and SUVs. This range offers a combination of modern looks, good handling and a quiet and comfortable ride.


Radar RPX800

The RPX 800 is a sport touring tire that has been designed for compact and mid-size cars. This range offers drivers good control on both dry and wet roads, ensuring a comfortable driving experience. It combines real-world performance with outstandi


Radar Argonite RV4

The Argonite RV 4 is a modern, high-speed van tire. This range has been designed for medium to large light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. It offers increased tire life, stability, aquaplaning resistance and low noise emission. The range feat


Wrangler HP

The intelligent self-adapting 4x4 tyre


Wrangler AT/S

All-Terrain Traction, On- And Off-Road

Wrangler MT/R

Dedicated to off-road driving


Vector 4Seasons SUV

The all-season SUV tyre that adapts to the weather - for performance all year round


Eagle F1 Asymmetric SUV

For ultra-high performance SUVs

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