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The expert tire operation in Cyprus Call Now: Call Us Now  22 46 76 26
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Driving in Rain: What to watch

Check the tires of your car. Both strong tread wear and improper tire pressure result the tires do not readily remove the rain water and the adhesion is significantly restricted.
Avoid potential risks due to limited visibility from the blur of mosques, by adjusting the heating or air conditioning system.
Do not "gamble" with sudden changes of direction in slippery, wet road.
Keep distance from the vehicle ahead and the spray that "flying" vehicle tires in front of you in trying to remove the water from the tread.
Use the electronic driving aids.
Choose the safest route, avoiding roads with a high concentration of water.
Drive in more dry "area" of the road, that is shaped by the constant movement of cars.
Reduce your speed on wet asphalt.
Avoid areas with standing water or reduce the speed as the cross. Then press several times slightly and briefly the brake pedal in order to remove water from the brake system by ensuring the proper functioning.
Turn, in any case, the main beam.
Driving on wet asphalt, due to aquaplaning a thin water film interposed between the tire and bitumen leading to instantaneous slipping of the vehicle. In such cases, keep your cool, only in extreme cases, press brake and generally avoid steel reactions.
It is advisable to check your car's electrical system and specifically whether there are exposed parts. For prevention lovers, commercially available products (spray) to make it waterproof.
Check the operation of the wiper - if necessary replace the boot and put distilled water in the reservoir feeding the windshield.