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The expert tire operation in Cyprus Call Now: Call Us Now  22 46 76 26
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What is the right pressure to inflate my tires?

What pressure to inflate my tires?

Your tire is inflated but not trace crack? You need to inflate your tires again with the correct pressure. Where to find it?

At the side of the tire;
No, the indicator on the side of the tire is the maximum pressure in the cold (44 psi or 300 kpa or 3 bar on the opposite picture).

Manufacturers recommend a pressure always less than the maximum specified on the tire.

In the user manual?

Yes, some manufacturers include the recommended pressures in the manual or on the sticker located on the edge of the column driver.

It is important to check the pressure in the cold, so the reading is correct. So it is better to buy a pressure gauge only use petrol stations.

Ideally, check the pressure every month to make sure your tires have excellent performance in all cases.

The tire pressure is very important for the proper operation of your vehicle, our guide has several articles on the topic:

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