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Truck GoodYear

  1. 1. IntelliMax Rib Technology: Stiffer tread

    High mileage and regular wear

  2. 2. Wide tread, optimized footerprint

    High mileage

  3. 3. Robust, wide shoulders

    Improved robustness

  4. 4. Specific blading frequency and geometry

    Excellent braking on wet

    * Comparative tests made by Goodyear Innovation Centre Luxembourg on size 315/80R22.5 between July 2011 and June 2013 show that new Goodyear KMAX S and KMAX D steer and drive tires offer an improvement in mileage potential of up to 30% and 35% respectively vs. Goodyear RHS II and RHD II+ tires.



KMAX Technology

The new KMAX S sees the introduction of the latest KMAX Technology.

The KMAX S features IntelliMax Rib Technology. Special “bridges” in the grooves allow the tread to have stiffer cornering compared to its predecessor, as the ribs of the design support one another. By reducing the rib movement the IntelliMax Rib Technology ensures an optimized pressure distribution and footprint shape for regular wear and high mileage.

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Size Width Height Rim Max Speed LI/SI Special Details
295/80R22.5 295 80 22.5  154/149M HL
315/80R22.5 315 80 22.5  156L/154M
385/65R22.5 385 65 22.5  160K158L